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Amala by Stefano Scippa Palleni EN - I recorded this version of the song Amala in the porch of my house one evening after a storm, the air was fresh and scented. Incidentally I didn't play the sequence of notes I had written for the original melody, instead a variation came to my mind on the moment and turned out to be better than the former, thus I choose to adopt it. This recorded version of the same composition I filmed on the beach not long ago also gave me the idea to introduce the main theme with a short improvisation based on the oriental scale, followed thereafter by the melody. It's a short but effective vehicle for the mood I want to express: a feeling of purity and moving intimacy, just as the meaning of the word Amala  that stands for pure in Sanskrit .  Good listening.  IT - Ho registrato questa versione della mia composizione Amala sotto il portico di casa una sera dopo un temporale, l'aria era fresca e profumata. Casualmente non ho suonato la sequenza di n


Nivata by VAATA EN - Nivata is the second studio recording in the Contemporary Raga series, after the composition Krayang . In sanskrit nivata is a beautiful smooth sounding word, meaning valley. This purely idyllic melody, set in a simple harmony shifting between two  major chords a sixth apart, is the image of Malang valley where I spent the last four years. The frogs croaking, the crickets and cicadas chirrup were the blissful burst  plunged in the paddy into the shadows of the volcanos, an endless chant in  the starry nights. Thus I included the original sample as a complementary part of the song, along with the guitar and alto saxophone. I hope it contributes to render the dreamy atmosphere of those astounding moments. IT - Nivata è la seconda composizione registrata in studio della serie Contemporary Raga dopo la composizione Krayang . In sanscrito nivata è una bella parola dal suono dolce che significa valle. Questa melodia idilliaca è costruita su una semplice armonia che s