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EN - August 2018, when I was still in Italy, I took the chance to record a series of sessions at the Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi in Bologna, which features a resounding acoustic and one of the most beautiful and oldest porches in the world. In this setting I took quick shootings of some original compositions that would later become the open collection Contemporary Raga using just two smartphones and a digital recording. I also decided to take advantage of the ambiance to document some classical pieces I had been working on for a long time, mostly arias from the baroque era that fit the place so well. Among these a selection of JS Bach’s Partitas and Sonatas for violin solo adapted for the soprano saxophone as this Allemande opening the 2 nd Partita in D Minor. I recently came to the decision to include it in the open collection Songs Of Bliss due to the particular nature of the context. Other tunes of this kind will be added in the future along with original compositions. A n


DON'T LOSE YOUR SHIRT! - Thursday 7th October I will be guest of the prestigious Brawijaya University of Malang, to talk about financial psychology. This meeting is adressed either to investors and savers of all levels. How do the emotions and neurochemistry work when we are involved in an investment? What behaviors are to be avoided and what's the correct conduct in order to dodge big financial losses? An overview with insights to prevent us falling into gambling addiction and escape the cognitive distortions that lead to the most common assessment errors. On Brawijaya University YouTube channel, free participation, live at 9.30 Indonesian time (GTM + 7). NON GIOCARTI LA CAMICIA! - Giovedí 7 Ottobre saró ospite della prestigiosa Università Brawijaya di Malang, per parlare di psicologia finanziaria. Questo incontro é rivilto agli investitori e ai risparmiatori di tutti i livelli. Come funzionano le emozioni e la neurochimica quando siamo coinvolti in un investimento? Qua


Immaculate Breakfast by Stefano Scippa Palleni When I first heard John Coltrane’s album My Favorite Things I immediately wanted to start playing soprano saxophone. Every Time We Say Goodbye was among the tunes that truly enlightened me and one of the first I learnt on the straight horn. Lately, when I recorded my solo soprano album Immaculate Breakfast, in the chapel of Roncati’s Ex-Asylum in Bologna city, I decided to release my own version of that tune filtered through a deep rework and the experience of many years of dedicated practice. Today if I listen to the result of that session from the distance of nearly 10 years, I can feel I achieved my personal style and refined musical personality, along with the ability to retain the spirit of that song so important to me. There are people in this world that just because you’ve heard them once they can change your life and make you want to be a better person. Thank you Mr. John Coltrane!