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Krayang by Stefano Scippa Palleni EN - The first song drawn from the Contemporary Raga open collection that I release here in studio version is Krayang , while the previous two were recorded live in two videos. Krayang - heron in Thai language - is a pensive and melancholy composition that recalls the advent of the rainy season in Southeast Asia, full of lush and mysterious atmospheres. I developed this melody out of an early fragment that came to my mind in Thailand in 2017, when I was looking out the window and saw a marsh bird standing still on one leg in the middle of the paddy field. The morning mist hovering over the country made the scene look like a dream. The costant presence of water brought by the arrival of the monsoon, along with the colors and the changes in the rhythms of daily life, has no equivalent in Europe but can vaguely recall Autumn. This piece includes harmonic and melodic elements typical of traditional Javanese music with its elusive scales and ambiguous tun