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Vaata by Stefano Scippa Palleni In Sanskrit language Vaata means wind. Just like the origin of sound, the fresh and deep breath of the mountain forest inspired this music. The wide melodies remind of a lush garden where it is possible to rest.   After a long silence, Vaata is the sixth album in my music career. A work I am particularly proud of for it is all made of original compositions - including two songs. In this record I play three members of the saxophone family: soprano, alto and tenor. I consider this one my best work up to date: a long-committed and discontinuous effort, spaced by long journeys in remote continents. Furthermore, it is adorned with the sincere contribution of competent musicians in four different formats ranging from duo to quartet, with the benefit of different ideas and wit that award each song a unique identity. It is therefore the fruit of a long search and dedication for artistic originality. Stefano Scippa Palleni: soprano, alto & tenor saxophon