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On July 16th 2022 I was invited by a local Indonesian association to introduce my recent compositions and work in music therapy in Indonesia. This occasion gave the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the material on the audience in a fresh cultural environment. I also had the chance to play with new bandmates and ask for their opinion about the new songs. Joko Tebon, the host musician, and Toni Praptono joined me on this event, the first on didgeridoo and ethnic percussions and the latter bringing on stage his original instrument: the guitarsitar, a hybrid scratch built lute made by Toni starting from the body of an old 12 strings guitar with the insert neck and the frets of a sitar. The selection we played is part of a larger project called Contemporary Ragas. The tunes in this repertoire combine modern music with the traditional concept of Indian raga. The purpose of this music is yet artistic, therapeutic, didactic and meditational. This means it fits different kinds of situat


EN - The Raga Amala ( Pure in Sanskrit ) is the second in the series of the open collection Contemporary Raga . The song has a sinuous and mysterious character and uses a eastern scale and melody. Again, as in the case of the Raga Udaya , the recording was done in the natural setting of the beach. The philosophy remains the same, only minimal equipment and post production was adopted for the realization of this raga: an ordinary smartphone, a hand recorder and a little speaker for the shruti box in the background. For this you can sometimes hear the waves’ roar and the wind howling. I believe this relatively lo-fi approach is the one that better pictures the feeling of being there in the moment, just like a polaroid. It’s also a way to encourage everyone to produce their own music whatever the conditions. Capturing art in this way makes it affordable to anyone and doesn’t diminish the quality of your work. In this regard digital technology can be used effectively at your own advantag