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Since August 2020 I'm involved in a new project based in Indoensia. As a psychologist and music therapist, I am currently leading a three years research program at Universitas Negeri Malang. The project is a joint venture between CCI ( Independent Citizens Committees ), University of Malang and the Ministry of Research of the Republic of Indonesia.  My research focuses on music-therapy and it is one of the pioneering researches on this subject in Indonesia. An investigation on the basic building blocks of music such as intervals and scales, will serve as the launching platform for a new form of therapy diseases supported by quantitative data and the modern principles of neuro sciences and shape a formal protocol to treat most common psychological disorders. The final therapeutic protocol could be applied to groups and individuals as well, either online or performed live. Finally there will be margins to fine tune the therapy to adjust it to personal needs. I am confident that up


OTTAVIANO  is a philosophical song embedded with serene detachment and built on  essential naked lines. Just my saxophones and Chiara Scotto's voice to support this structure. As it is in greek-roman tradition, where austere stoicism and sober epicureanism coexist, the  lyrics talks about time. Time is an unforgiving deity but the immortals can watch the world  only through our eyes. ( Music by Stefano Scippa Palleni, Video by Harimukti Rosida ) All rights reserved to the owner licens


DOMANI - The tilte and the music of this song from my album "VAATA" let me think of tomorrow looming like a cloud, mysterious and inscrutable, fraught with worries and hope. This track arrived as a whole unexpectedly one day: harmony and melody are abstract but solid pillars that form a composition with a taste that’s yet contemporary and futuristic. Young pianist Edoardo Moscatelli, who came to me casually at a time when I really needed, is among the few musicians I met who’s capable to istantly catch the emotional context of a composition. Despite his young age he is therefore a master performer. You can buy this song at the link in the comments as well the other with the other songs in the album. ( Music by Stefano Scippa Palleni, Video by Harimukti Rosida )


The day October 23, hr 18:00 local hour, I'll be guest at Brawijaya University of Malang for a lecture on Music and Art Therapy. I'll give general guidelines on the subject and perform live examples to show these new therapies in action.  This conference, among others I gave in Indonesia, is one of the first in this genre. With UM, the University of Malang, we are currently working at a quantitative research in music therapy. Hopefully In the future I will be able to frame a brand new protocol to treat several psychological disorders. If you are interested in the subject or willing to collaborate PM me. Thanks!🙏 #musictherapy #arttherapy #malang #indonesia #Brawijaya


Mim's Song is the opening track of the album "Vaata" and comes in two versions: vocal and instrumental. It was inspired by the memory of days gone by and distant lonely shores. There lays the teaching that lo ve ain’t for keeping but it’s never lost. It’s kept in a shrine deep inside all of us. Chiara Scotto delivers an exquisite performance in the vocal version of this aria. The skilful acoustic guitars by Giulio Severo and a splendid solo by Alessandro Tutoli, in the instrumental version, give this melody a romantic and exotic flavor.


Vaata by Stefano Scippa Palleni In Sanskrit language Vaata means wind. Just like the origin of sound, the fresh and deep breath of the mountain forest inspired this music. The wide melodies remind of a lush garden where it is possible to rest.   After a long silence, Vaata is the sixth album in my music career. A work I am particularly proud of for it is all made of original compositions - including two songs. In this record I play three members of the saxophone family: soprano, alto and tenor. I consider this one my best work up to date: a long-committed and discontinuous effort, spaced by long journeys in remote continents. Furthermore, it is adorned with the sincere contribution of competent musicians in four different formats ranging from duo to quartet, with the benefit of different ideas and wit that award each song a unique identity. It is therefore the fruit of a long search and dedication for artistic originality. Stefano Scippa Palleni: soprano, alto & tenor saxophon