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  🇬🇧 ON THE SECOND SKIN - Since I came to Indonesia I began to design and tailor my own dresses, whether I wear them at public events or at home for daily use. I want them to be comfortable, elegant and colorful. The idea came long time ago after I read artist Friedrich Hundertwasser manifesto on fashion about the "Second Skin". What we choose to wear everyday is more than just a dress: it's like an extra skin that contribute to shape the nature of our social identity. In contemporaty society these aesthetic canons are dictated by the trends of commercial fashion and the individual personality is cancealed by the necessity of industrial production. We want to express our character free from the precepts of mass fashion that impose restricted identities. We therefore can forge our own image through making our own clothes as an evoluted children's game and make our life a creative artistic expression. Since I am here I got the opportunity to put this principle in prac