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EN - This composition is the first in the series to be included in the open collection Songs Of Bliss, a songbook of pieces reminiscent of the mystics from all traditions who used to break out in spontaneous outburst of sung poems to express a bliss too great to communicate in words. My intention is to renew this feeling and convey it in a contemporary musical vehicle beyond any style or genre. My arrangement of this classic gregorian chant wants to channel energy and vigour in the music, trying to preserve the soaring and volatile character of the original melody. The theme is expoded twice, first in the original major mode then transposed in the phrygian mode, adding some dark and ambiguos flavour to light of this hymn. A simple I-IV tonal sequence follows opening up the way to a short improvisation that reaches the climax in the end of this intense performance. The beautiful setting of the Basilica dei Servi di Maria in Bologna add further colour to sound of the tenor saxophone, li


EN - Whatever the nature of what is commonly known as inspiration, within the spectrum of human experience, is still the subject of philosophical and scientific debate. In individual experience this coincides with the desire to imitate the work of those who preceded us and for some reason left a trace in our memory. Eventually some kind of emancipation from the model is achieved if we don’t want to be stuck in mere imitation. A new original language is crafted and set within a tradition.   With this article I open a cycle of short writings about practical exercises derived from cognitive-behavioral psychology, music therapy and art therapy that I have been practicing for twenty-five years. Examples will be illustrated, aimed at stimulating personal creativity. These will serve to show how to make use of this faculty in order to produce works of art. Going specific, the main subject here is how music is treated but this practice can be extended to any other fields of artistic expression