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EN - With this video I give the start to the publication of the material pertinent to the open collection SCORRERE INSIEME / FLOWING TOGETHER. Truetinus is a theme inspired by the area of river Tronto, which serves as the natural border between the regions Abruzzo and Marche in central Italy.  The composition came naturally in a way I will expose in a future reading on inspiration and creativity. One clear afternoon in September 2017, after I returned home from a stroll in the countryside, I picked up the soprano saxophone and began to improvise around an elementary idea I had going on in my head since then. At that time I was searching for a way to make meaningful music on solo saxophone meant as an authentic form of artistic expression free of stylistic connotations. The temperature was mild, in the golden light before sunset everything appeared perfectly quiet, while the edgy tone of the soprano drove my imagination unfolding further possible developments of the basic idea. I dec