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Studying and exploring the indonesian native tradition and music language I found out there's a whole galaxy of genres spread around the countless islands of the archipelago. From the reeling mystical polyrhythms of Javanese gamelans to the heartfelt arpeggios of Borneo's tek guitar, the sapè, reminescent of the virgin pluvial forest. I casually met Gabriel while he was performing wearing a traditional outfit out of a mall about one year ago. Despite his young age he was already a sensitive musician, much of his effort goes to keep the bornean tradition alive. Today we started a steady collaboration that blends contemporary harmony with indonesian scales and native rhythms, modern and folk instruments, western and eastern elements. I am sure the music resulting from this partnership will breed fresh music, bringing out a mix of ancient flavors and surprising new tastes.


Sound & Syntax by stefano scippa palleni Recorded in 2009, just after his american journey, State Ste fano Scippa Pallleni reworks material inspired by the contemporary jazz tradition to put it in a new perspective: this iserivedrepertoire reworks the angular themes of Monk dear to the master Steve Lacy, crosses the modern era with Shorter and Davis up to Coleman and together he rereads some classics of the american songbook. There is no lack of original pieces built on polytonal structures. Accompanied by highly experienced musicians his lyrical sense combined with the very personal and profound sound draws wide-ranging spaces hovering over structures of great energy. The instrumental combinations range from the quartet, the pianoless trio, to the acoustic duo with piano or guitar. credits released August 7, 2017 Stefano Scippa Palleni: soprano sax Gilberto Grillini: double bass Alessandro Dalla: drums Cover design by Harimukti Rosida ℗ & © Vaata Music 2019 license all rights