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Raga Vela by Palleni EN - VELA , whose meaning in Sanskrit is time or tide , is the fourth studio reco rding of the open collection Contemporary Raga , and also the most elaborated one so far. For this piece I wanted a l evantine rhythm to confer a certain lightness to the dark colors I chose for the harmonies. The resulting theme has a deep, airy and at the same time sparkling character, whose coruscating light tells of pinnacles, shadowy oases and caravans on Central Asia desert routes. Special guests for this recording are Alessandro Tutoli, exquisite Italian guitarist, and Joko Tebon, Javanese percussionist of rare sensitivity. Together they have contributed to tinge the music with mystery. The opening head is played by the saxophones is followed by Alessandro’s dazzling solo, who embellishes the basic harmonic structure with flamenco-flavored chromatisms and arabesques, supported by the breath of the pulsation woven by Joko on his ethnic percussions, together they create an evo